An innovative body modeling machine that helps you achieve a perfect figure and tight skin.

With different modes of operation, we can pump muscles, burn fat, eliminate excess fluid from the body and improve skin texture!

AROSHA WAVESHAPE 3.0 combined with the active ingredients of AROSHA bandages and booster provide effective and fast work with visible results after the first time!

If you are striving for perfect shape and healthy skin, we recommend trying Arosha WaveShape 3.0.
  • The ultrasound action causes adipocytes to release toxins and triglycerides, which are then excreted through the lymphatic and venous systems.

  • Electolipolysis current affects the accumulated fat tissue, microcirculation and increases the activity and energy consumption of the body. Muscle electrostimulation Imitates the work of the central nervous system, causes muscle contraction, provoking a kind of passive exercise, which further increases metabolism, the breakdown of fat controlled by lipolysis to produce energy, improves and tones muscles.

  • The combination of ultrasound and electrostimulation can effectively affect accumulated fluid, subcutaneous fat and fibrosis of collagen fibers.
Their mutual synergy allows to break down metabolites and contrast with localized fat, promotes the removal of toxins and excess fluid, improves muscle tone and restores the skin's lost elasticity.
There will be 3 programs presented in our salon:
  • Wave Shape + Arosha Booster (During the treatment you can choose either Nio Drain or Silhouette booster serum.)
  • WaveShape + Arosha Mono (bandage body wrap according to the type of problem)
  • WaveShape + Arosha Kit (full Arosha body treatment for the type of problem)